Atlas Chiropractic

of Tuscaloosa

Dr. Troy Hagen DC BCAO

Dr. Hagen is a 1993 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has maintained private practices in Iowa and Alabama.

Dr. Hagen trained under Dr. Roy Sweat, developer of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. He is a past Board Member of the Roy W. Sweat Research Foundation. Dr. Hagen is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Palmer College of Chiropractic teaching the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. Dr. Hagen is Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal through both Sherman College of Chiropractic and The Sweat Foundation.

Many people seek care in our office with one common goal, relief from their current health condition. We look to find the underlying cause or causes of our patients health condition and suggest a plan of care to facilitate the healing process. We address way's that patients can have an active roll in their recovery and to maintain their health in the future.


Located in the historical Capitol Park district of Tuscaloosa.